TLC Stone of First Kiss
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Your TLC Stone™ will help you affirm love, hope, healing or connectedness. As you hold your TLC Stone™ use it to pray, meditate or just relax. As you feel the polished marble in your hand allow yourself to feel energy, comfort and peace flowing into your being.

For centuries the mystifying power of marble has been recognized by humans. This is why we craft TLC Stones with high quality polished marble you can hold in your hand. 

TLC Stones have many useful purposes. They are most commonly used as a touch stone reminder. They can be used as a token of good luck or a worry stone to let go of worries or stress. They can remind you that you are cherished, special and loved. These symbolic stones of hope can help you connect with a renewed sense of comfort and peace. It can be a symbol of tranquility, love, comfort, hope, healing or connectedness. They can be used with meditation or prayer. Hold them in your hand when you need them to help you.

Customize your TLC Stone™ with affirmations, encouraging or comforting sayings. Some examples are “I am not alone,” “Love,” “Hope,” “Peace,” “Joy,” “Just Breathe,” “One Day at a Time.” 

Give your loved one some TLC with a TLC Stone™ by Stoneworks Coaster Company.

Please note: Custom TLC Stones require a one time Photoshop and setup fee of $10.00. This product includes free shipping. Discount pricing for quantities of 4 or more.

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TLC Stone of First Kiss

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